Here you will find some recommendations on how to use the YATOO Calendar Widget application

The app requires

•   READ CALENDAR permission (for Today, Period, Calendar widget types)
Allows to display your agenda in the YATOO Calendar widgets.
•   Google Calendar app installed (or another calendar app that supports Google Calendar Provider)
Syncs your agenda with your Google or Outlook accounts.
•   For Android 12 and higher: for the widget to update exactly at midnight, Alarms and Reminders must be on, which is already the default is setting at installation.
If you change this setting, widgets will update at random times at the discretion of the operating system.

Simple steps for widget set-up

1. Open the widget section
Long press the home screen, select “Widgets” from the pop-up menu.

2. Look for the CalWi app
By scrolling through the list of available widgets.

3. Choose a CalWi widget that best suits your needs
•   Today widget displays the list of events for the current day or short-term (1 day to 3 weeks) as well as the current month calendar.
•   Period widget displays the list of all events for any period selected by user (1 day to 3 months).
•   Calendar widget (available in Premium version) displays calendar of the chosen month and the list of events for the chosen date.
•   Simple Month widget displays calendar of the current month without agenda.
•   Simple Week widget displays calendar of the current week without agenda.

4. Add the widget to the home screen
Long press the widget and drag to an empty space on your home screen.

5. Configure widget custom settings
•   When the widget is first added to the home screen, a configuration window with configurable settings will appear.
•   Tapping the START button will confirm all the changes made to settings and launch the widget on the home screen.
•   Tapping the RESET button will return your widget back to default settings.
•   If you are happy with the default configuration, tap the START button to launch the app. Should you decide to customize your settings at a later point, you can always reconfigure the settings options that you can access through the 3-Dots icon inside the widget.
•   If you exit the configuration window without pressing the START button, changes won’t be saved and the widget won’t be added to the home screen.
•   You can resize all the widgets on the home screen if needed.

How to connect Outlook Calendar

The easiest way is to use Gmail or Microsoft Outlook app with an Outlook account configured.

1. Navigate to your Outlook account within Settings of the Gmail or Microsoft Outlook app.

2. Tap Sync Calendars.

After that you’ll be able to choose your calendars from Outlook account in the configuration window of the widgets.

About battery optimization and restriction by the OS

Different gadget manufacturers optimize battery life in different ways: some do it adequately, while others do it paranoid, thereby preventing many quality applications from fully functioning in the background mode and giving users a negative experience.

If you are faced with the second way, to ensure regular widget updates and accurate data display, turn off the Battery Saver mode / App Optimization mode on your smartphone. (It is common with Android system that the Battery Saver mode / App Optimization mode, if left enabled, sometimes blocks regular widget updates and negatively affects widget performance as a result).

  • To check if Android is performing background app optimization of the YATOO Calendar Widget (CalWi) and to disable the restrictions associated with the App Optimization mode, go to the respective menu sections.
Settings for battery use and background optimization are as follows:

•   Settings > Battery > Optimize battery use (or Background usage limits) > CalWi
– To disable optimization in the background mode assign “Don’t optimize” or “Unrestricted” status
– Assign “Never sleeping apps” status
– Assign “Allow auto launch” status
(This setting is required for a number of devices by several manufacturers, to allow widgets located on the home screen to auto launch after device reboot).

•   Settings > Apps > CalWi (App info) > Battery usage
– To disable optimization assign “Allow background activity” or “Unrestricted” status
– Assign “Allow auto launch” status
(This setting is required for a number of devices by several manufacturers, to allow widgets located on the home screen to auto launch after device reboot).

Menu item names may vary depending on the device manufacturer!

if a customized widget does not display birthdays from your Google Contacts

This is only possible in very rare cases. The reason is a bug inside the Google Calendar Provider itself, which provides all calendar data for any other Android apps.

If during the initial setup you gave READ CALENDAR permission and chose to display the Birthdays calendar from Google Contacts in the widget, but your contacts’ birthdays are not displayed in the widget’s event list, you should follow the instruction step by step:

1. Remove all the widget types of the YATOO Calendar Widget app from your home screen.

2. Go to the Google Calendar app and uncheck the checkbox of Google Contacts birthdays calendar.

3. Reboot your smartphone.

4. After restarting the gadget, go to the Google Calendar app, activate the Birthdays calendar checkbox.

5. Next, customize some widget type from the YATOO Calendar Widget app by enabling the display of Birthdays from Google Contacts (customize from scratch).

After these steps your contacts’ birthdays will be displayed in the widget.