Personalize home screen and boost your productivity with customizable Agenda & Calendar Widgets.

Get daily planner, calendar with agenda in aesthetic color widgets.

Events from Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar are always in sight.

Looking for a convenient, visually appealing and easy-to-use widgets for your Google, Outlook calendar events? Wishing to have a clear schedule planner, events, significant dates, birthdays and holidays on the home screen of your Android smartphone or tablet?

The YATOO Calendar Widget will help you stay organized with your work and personal time, keep your plans in check, and get you closer to achieving your goals every day.

The app is a set of calendar color widgets and agenda planner – all in one. It automatically syncs events from your Gmail calendar & Outlook calendar.

Your business and personal time management is always on view.

Today Widget

displays agenda for the current day or period from 1 day to 3 weeks as well as the current month calendar.

Period Widget

displays list of all events for the period selected by user as well as the current date.

Calendar Widget

is the most interactive agenda planner. It displays calendar for the chosen month and scrollable schedule for the clicked date.

Themes for Configuration window



YATOO Calendar Widget is an ad-free app.

Free version gives Basic Settings and some Advanced settings.

If you want maximum customization and you like our app, you can buy Premium version (one-time payment — once and for all).

Free options allow you to:

• Choose widget type (Today or Period)
• Select calendars from Gmail or Outlook accounts you want to display in the widgets
• Define widget background (light or dark)
• Reduce or increase text size
• Choose widget shape, calendar week start (Sun or Mon), format for event start and end time
• Hide end time of events
• Turn on color labels of your calendars
• Set Accent color and Additional color
• Add new events and open your calendar app directly via widget interface

Premium options expand widget portfolio, enhance personalization & make widgets more informative and stylish:

• Get additional interactive widget type – Calendar Widget – with 12 months ahead scrollable calendar and clickable dates. Just choose month, click on the desired date to display scheduled events for the selected day. Press calendar icon to return the widget to the current date
• Configure colors of the widget elements choosing from 2 Modes: Material You – Dynamic Colors (for Android 12 and higher) or User Preferences
• Set widget transparency level
• Enable display of events location
• Turn on week numbers for events
• Choose event search range
• Choose dates format from available templates
• Highlight today events using Accent color line
• Choose size of calendar color labels
• Hide current date in Period widget, if needed
• Define action is triggered by tapping events list area, calendar or current date area

No matter what gadget you use, Agenda & Calendar Widgets will always display your most current schedule from both the short- and in the long-term perspectives. Get your daily, weekly, monthly planner, manage your time right there on your smartphone or tablet using YATOO Calendar Widget. Simple, no fuss!

It is a balanced combination of a minimalist, aesthetic design and optimal functionality that ensures high productivity as well as enjoyable daily use.

The modern look and available settings of allow for smooth integration of every widget into any user interface of any modern gadget.

Translated into:

— English
— French
— Japanese
— German
— Hindi
— Portuguese
— Russian
— Spanish

* How to connect Outlook Calendar

The easiest way to connect Outlook Calendar on your gadget is to use Gmail or Microsoft Outlook app for Android with an Outlook account configured.

Navigate to your account within Settings. Then, tap Sync Calendars.

After that you’ll be able to choose your Outlook calendars in the configuration window of the widgets.

If your priorities are convenience and functionality as well as design and aesthetics of the home screen, the YATOO Calendar Widget is the app that you will rely on for scheduling your events and managing your time!

YATOO Calendar Widget is a daily planner any perfectionist will appreciate!

MAKE YOUR TIME, STAY PRODUCTIVE with agenda & calendar color widgets

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